Theoman is a continent of Golarion newly emerged in 4804 AR after the ascendance of a set of new gods; Amarok, Arnados, Eindride, and Ormar. Since their ascension, so one has seen the group, now collectively called The Four. Speculation is that Theoman is the culmination of their great work in the heavens and a new destination for those seeking to form nations under these four gods.


The continent of Theoman is divided into 8 regions: Jurnden, Smoeo, Flertnarptil, Izziz, Khee, Trilomen, Gryshta, and Systentor.

Regions do not contain any governments as the continent is nearly unsettled, however some strange new creatures, even some humanoids, have been detected. Many suspect that these beings were also created by The Four and may even be adherents taking on key aspects of the gods from which they were generated.


Theoman contains terrain types common to Golarion, including plains, mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, urban environments, and mysterious terrains. Some of the most important landmarks are:


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