Welcome to Theoman: New Divine Order

Play Format and tools

T:NDO utilizes the following tools:

Roll20 – online session play
Facebook Chat – casual questions
PathfinderWiki – existing world Information
OP Forums – secrets and out-of-session conversation
OP Adventure Log – tracking progress
OP Wiki – new world information
Google Drive – character sheets, inventory tracking

Play Frequency: Twice per month
Starting Level: 5
Starting Wealth: 11,000GP (Limit 2 Wonderous Items total)
Ability Scores: 20 point buy
Difficulty: Very Hard (4 of 5)
Advancement Pace: Slow
Type of Material: 100% Homebrew in Pathfinder Universe
Campaign Alignments Allowed: G, L/C, N (No E)
RP Strictness: Very strict (4 of 5)
Rules Strictness: Very strict (4 of 5) – basic ammo types not tracked, rest, cooking, weather, encumbrance enforced
Downtime: Yes, simplified

Campaign Setting

T:NDO takes place in the year 4805 AR, only one year after the appearance of Theoman on the face of Golarion.

Theoman: New Divine Order

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